This website was created by NHL fans with the sole intention of applying pressure on the NHL owners to end the lockout. Our goal is to get this message out to as many NHL fans as possible so that our voice can be as loud as possible. We are using the boycott as a threat to end the lockout, and hopefully do not have to follow through with it on September 15th. However, we have full intentions to live up to our end of the deal and completely avoid every company on the “boycott” page until there is an NHL season.
There are 4 things that everyone reading this can do to help this cause:

  1. Sign the petition on the main page. This will help show exactly how big of an impact we will have
  2. Follow our twitter account @YouHaveTwoWeeks
  3. Spread the word about this website through twitter, facebook, and good old fashioned word of mouth. The most effective strategy will be to tweet the website to NHL players from your favourite team, any celebrities who are hockey fans, and any local sports media members in your city. Let’s get #YouHaveTwoWeeks trending on twitter!
  4. Prepare to boycott every company on the Boycott page if we are ignored (From September 15th until the first puck drops)
There may be some missing, incorrect, or outdated information on this website. If any errors are noticed, please email youhavetwoweeks@gmail.com with a source to cite the correction necessary. Any corrections are much appreciated.