Dear NHL Owners,

Please consider this our two weeks notice. We are your dedicated fans who gave you the benefit of the doubt in 1994 and 2004, but this time we will not sit idle while you use our unwavering loyalty as leverage in the CBA negotiations. After the last two lockouts you realized that we will return to hockey regardless of the outcome, and you probably assume that we will do the same this time around.

Regardless, we have leverage of our own. Aside from being NHL owners, you are an elite group of men and women that touch every facet of business – restaurants, beer companies, pharmacies, hotels, media conglomerates, energy firms. etc. As devoted fans we will not make an empty threat to walk away from your NHL teams we love so much. However, we can and will, boycott the many other products and services that comprise your wealth.

Gary Bettman has declared that there will be a lockout if an agreement is not reached by September 15th. Hopefully this website will provide the motivation necessary to reach an agreement with the NHLPA before the deadline. The only voice not represented in these negotiations is the voice of the fan, the customer – without which the NHL would not exist. If you will not let our voice be heard, we will let our wallets do the talking.

This website lists the investments held by the NHL owners. Over the next two weeks we will initiate a social media frenzy to have YouHaveTwoWeeks.com viewed by as many NHL fans as possible. If the CBA negotiations are not resolved by September 15th, the boycott will begin. For every fan that has signed the petition page on this website, know that you just lost a customer.

When we stand together our voice will be heard.

You Have Two Weeks!


The World’s Greatest Fans


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